About Us

When it comes to reviews, there is nobody that does what we do with the same level of integrity. We are not paid for any of our reviews, and what we do is done with the utmost of quality and objectiveness. Paid for by nobody means that our reviews come from the perspective of the customer. We pay for the products just like our customers do, which means that what we say is what our customers would say. The problem with a lot of sites is that they are paid for their opinion one way or another. Either by the products that they are reviewing or people that are advertising. So of course you can see the problem with this.

We saw that problem too and instead of playing that game, decided to do something about it. To create our own site and write reviews that are made for the customer and the customer alone. That in order to give our customers the best advice, we needed to write from the perspective that they would be coming from. Not concerned about revenue, we have been able to cultivate a readership that is in search of pure information, not the reviews companies want you to read.

Giving it our all

For the sake of our readers is just one of the ways in which we have given ourselves something to hang our hat on. That no matter what, we will be there for the reader and knowing that we are not here to make money is a way that we have earned their trust. So come here for the best product reviews for the readers by the readers.